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Fashion Trends 2012 ;) part two!

Skirt Trends 2012

Top Fashion Trends 2012

Look for Long Maxi Skirts to continue to be a huge Skirt Trend for 2012. I'm personally very excited about this trend, because, not only is is easy to wear, but it's so versatile, in that, you can go from day & night in an instant! While the pulling off the look sounds easy, there are a few tips to consider for an effortless appeal. Most significantly, what to wear on top? Luckily, there's quite a few options, including a 1-piece swimsuit, a cropped top, tucking a tank dress inside and cinching the look with a belt are definitely my favorite pairings.

Scarf Trend 2012 ~ Colorful Scarves

Fashion Trends 2012

One-Piece Swimsuit

Top Fashion Trends 2012

One-Piece Swimsuits, especially in bold colors and patterns will be the swimsuits of choice this Spring 2012. As mentioned, above, 1-Piece Swimsuits pair especially well under a Long Maxi Skirt. If the look is still too daring, consider also wearing a cropped jacket or cardigan sweater.

Colorful Platform Shoes

Top Fashion Trends 2012

Colorful Platform Shoes are not only a hot Fashion Trend for 2012, but a must-haveEuropean Fashion Trend right now, after being seen all over the streets of Paris during Paris Fashion Week.

Trench Coats

Top Fashion Trends 2012

Now that the weather has warmed up, you can finally store that heavy winter jacket. But, do you have a lightweight Spring Jacket to replace it? If not, you should know the top trend for Spring Jackets this season is the Trench Coat.

European Fashion Trends
Check out the Top European Fashion Trends...

Are you wondering what the top European Fashion Trends to look for this Spring/Summer 2012? If so, then you should look for dresses that feature stripes, like this beautiful dress from Rebecca Minkoff. Also, what makes this dress so fashionable right now is the high low hem in the front.

More European Fashion Trends

Fashion Trends 2012

Lace Shorts are definitely a top European Fashion Trend this season. Look for them in shorter lengths and more on the dressy side.

Floral Prints

Top Fashion Trends 2012

What's the Hottest Color for 2012?


As mentioned, the Spring/Summer and even Fall 2012 Runways were filled with vibrant colors featured on everything from summer dress to rompers to swimwear. So, if there's just one color I can recommend adding to your wardrobe this season, it's Yellow! Not only is it clean and fresh, but it exudes confidence.

Mini Messenger Bags

Top Fashion Trends 2012

What makes the Mini Messenger Bag such a coveted style of handbag? Well, I think it's because they are they ideal bag to travel with!

Ugg Boots Clearance

Top Fashion Trends 2012

If you're looking for Ugg Boots, then why not check out the Ugg Boots Clearancesale currently on at Amazon.com? Here's a sample of some of the great deals they currently have going on...

Stretch Bracelets

Top Fashion Trends 2012

Stretch Bracelets are a hot Spring Fashion Trend this season, because not only are they chunky and beautiful, but they are versatile and comfortable. You'll never feel restricted when you wear stretch jewelry.

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