Saturday, April 30, 2016


In the last few weeks I've been super busy with university + 2 courses I'm going to. Also, it means a lot of running from one town to another and then again coming back in my hometown. Oh,well this was my idea and choice and I'm going to finish it! Wohoo , sorry guys but this is the way I motivate myself sometimes. :D
Since tomorrow is the 1st May and in my country we celebrate it usually by traveling or camping, ofc there are a lot of other activities people do. In the last minute I canceled my plans for camping. The reason is that I have a lot of important exams in the same week, so it's better to focus on priorities. Regarding that I'm writing you to give you a lil update and to ask you how are you going to spend these days? Mine plan: studying + studying + studying and then again? Of course I'm going to catch up with some of my friends and chill ..cause it's all about balance. Wish you a well spent days ! Lot's of love and sun!

Monday, April 4, 2016

Gimme sun

Hello, hello!
Long time no see. I've been busy during the last period ( faculty,course,etc) and since I'm not sure that there is anyone who is interested to read this, I kinda , well, wasn't in the mood to write. However, here we are again. Spring has come and with it the sun ..also what motivated me more was a trip to Dubrovnik. Where I enjoyed walk with my dad, eating ice-cream at my fav "Gelateria", watching sunset while sitting on the bench near the sea,awww wonderful. It totally gived some new energy, exactly what I needed. This post is just a quick update, very soon I'll start to write again more often..'till next time!