Friday, December 25, 2015


I hope that all of you have spent the day with your beloved ones.I'm in my hometown (after 1 month). Yesterday and today I have been with my family and friends.We had a big lunch reunion today at our place and it was magical,again to talk,joke and laugh with them all.I'm grateful.
Wishing you lots of love, joy and happiness. Merry Christmas!!

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Overthinkinggggg (NEIN) !

Sunday night.My favorite tea,pause of studying and me laying on the couch covered by my super cozy blanket. Again,I decided to write on the blog.For a long time I'm questioning my self what exactly I want to do in life,am I on the right way..these and similar questions had bring me a lot of skepticism and fear sometimes,actually very often.Since I'm the kind of person who always loved to plan everything,when something didn't turn out in the way i expected or wanted..well,hm..I really had big problems.In that moments I felt like I betrayed myself and my family(But these plans were always my ideas,my wishes..the big irony is that no one from my family ever expect something or have force me to do smth ).Firstly I put a lot of pressure on my self,setting very often  not so realistic ideas.Overthinking definitely ruins our daily routine,joy,and then we r not able to appreciate moments that we didn't expect to happen.However ,this problem is connected with our comfort zone,anxiety.Fear of not knowing what is going to happen,fear of not knowing what to do since you didn't expect it to happen and etc.When we become aware that we have a problem,it's a first step but very important!Then we are ready to try and to do our best to change it.Hobbies are very important for us,some activity,writing,dancing,singing,running..whatever,the only thing important is that we love it and that through that action we are feeling satisfied,happy and naturally by doing it we reject stress,negativity and we embrace positivity. Like in many posts I have said before,the choice is ours,and it's on us what we are going to choose.I choose positivity,kindness,beauty and all the things that are coming with this.Being surrounded with right people is of big importance.If you feel uncomfortable with someone or that person is bringing the worst from you?Get rid of it,life is too short to be surrounded with people we don't like.It's ok to not be friend with everyone,cause we all know the old quote "Everyone's friend is no one's friend".By this ,I don't mean that who is not my friend ,he is my enemy.I wanted to say it is important to treat other people in right way,it's your reflection..and if someone treats you in the way you don't like,don't be like that person.Be better than that.In many situations in life,we are going to be in taught situations but with positive attitude it's easier.It takes time,like everything else but it's worth it.Do more,be more,be happy..
Lots of love and positivity!

Saturday, December 19, 2015


Christmas is around the corner ..,Christmas markets,city lights,everything  decorated,coziness,mulled wine with cinnamon (of course :D ) ,crepes,family,friends,home,Christmas tree,movies..even the air is different.. LOL .. okayyy maybe i enjoy this time of the year too much..Butt,butt...BACK ON THE POST::::::
  Nice way to show someone that you care is definitely not defined by giving material things,but a small reminder of caring can be a nice surprise for someone.I love to surprise people I love sometimes with small gifts,so I already have bought something for my mum and sister,but still I didn't finish the Christmas shopping.Here are some of my suggestions,if you have some ideas too add..feel free and write in the comments below..
P.S. If you know exactly what that person needs/want , and you have possibility to buy it,why not:)
These below,are just a few products by my choice.You can browse over ASOS , Oysho and Women's Secret to find a lot more interesting ideas.
P.P.S. Obviously this isn't any payed marketing post, haha .

Lots of love and positive energy! xoXo

Dose of ..

It's Saturday and it's sunny.Nice weather ,but since I have to study for the rest of my exams I decided to stay in my apartment and to focus on priorities.After I got back from Serbia I really felt kinda reborn, haha.That was really what I needed,and this trip reminds me that is really important to make time and to organize well to do things that are good for our soul.Traveling,time with my friends and mulled wine are totally on my list.Life is short,and this doesn't mean that we don't have to do our best and that we should settle for less.Sometimes we get so caught up in our daily lives that we forget to take the time out to enjoy the beauty in life. Do what makes you happy,learn,make mistakes,teach,love,be confused,help others..and you'll grow ,you'll be happy.It's all about the journey,the way we fight our battles,the way we find solutions.Be brave,have heart,stay focused and ambitious.Be yourself and don't let anyone change you or manipulate your plans/ideas.
Lots of love!

Tuesday, December 8, 2015


Already December, ohh Goshhh..
Yup,yup ..but since my last post was about exams I feel that I need to update you guys.
UPDATE : FIRST ROUND OF EXAMS - PASSED SUCCESSFULLY ( Even better than I could imagine) 
Now it's time for round number II (haha) .It's however not going to be funny for me for the rest of the month.
I always say that in life it's all about balance. So I decided to go on the 4 days trip by train to Belgrade-Novi Sad.Even if it's not that long,it means a lot to me,to go away for a couple of days and to relax a bit before exams and super exhausting period that is going to come.I'm going to be reunited with my very close friends, I'm going on the rock concert, to drink hot wine,explore,get lost,dance,eat good food,walk,laugh and have a lot of good time .Also to change the clime is very important from time to time.Sending you a lot of positive energy!