Thursday, October 29, 2015

Give me everything oversized

Obsessed, obsessed ..can't help it.Here is an inspiring street style outfit from Keira Knightley.Such a beautiful weather, I'm going out for some coffee and I missed chatting with my girls! Kisses

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Thursday, October 22, 2015


Here we go after a long time,fashion post,my 5 must picks for fall /winter 2015/16!Check the list.Tell me what you like/think/dislike or maybe you plan to buy. Feel free also to suggest ,I would appreciate it!Also, I think that the most important thing is to feel comfortable and confident in what you are wearing. Blindly following the crowd is not going to lead you anywhere, remember.So ,first thing to do is to think what you really need, investing in some 'basic' thing is always okay.My number one will be a good jacket, my favorite for a long time is definitely...

Love it or hate it, but they are a necessary pair of boots that you need. You don't want to ruin your fav boots when the worst period of unstoppable rains starts. You can buy a pair of black which you can easily combine with everything, but also a pair of these in some super color could be really cool and positive for you but also for others when the cold and depressive weather starts.
P.s.Don't forget to wear your fuzzy socks with them.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Mini food haul

I decided to write posts like this more often.I ,myself love to read this kind of posts and it sometimes inspires me ,so I thought why not?Maybe for some of you it can be helpful.Even if I have time to make something I usually gave up fastly because I'm doubting about the outcome.Healthy food is very important for all of us,cause you are what you eat.Sometimes it's really hard to be strict ,but I'm trying my best. Below the photo you can find names of the products,well I think you see it ,but just in case. Please feel free to comment and to give suggests!Enjoy your day ☺

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Coffee, friend,chatting..My Sunday :)

I spend all day outside, and now I'm back in my cozy bed (tired but happy and content after well spent day)  writing this post .Similar situation as this morning, but actually in the same time totally different.Tomorrow is a Monday, beginning of a new week and a lot of things at uni that I need to catch up with.But I'm ready, bring it on!

Perfect location, drink,view.. totally cozy,just as I like.I started to like writing this kinda 'diary' posts,haha. Good night my lovelies or Gute Nacht!

When the sun is rising and birds are singing...

Good morning guys! It's pretty early, it's Sunday and I'm writing you this post from bed.Aww so cozy and niceee being in my bed, it's going to be hard to left it,haha. :D My friend called me last night and she suggested a morning walk  , thus we really need to catch up cause we haven't seen each other for about a month.So here I'm planning what to wear,drinking myyy coffee plus enjoying the peacefulnes.I think that Sundays are all about that spirit these two photos.Kisses!

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Weekend, weekend..

Hello! It's Saturday finally.I didn't write these days because I had a really lot obligations and things to do.This weekend I'm staying here in Podgorica, which means obviously that I'm not going to my hometown.Almost all my friends who study here including my roommate had gone to their homes.So,this weekend I"m going to start working out a little (for a change), do some homeworks/study and relax which is very important, it's really important to have time just for yourself. Probably watch some movie or something else that would make me feel better.Aww nothing better than cozy, lazy but in the same time productive weekend.☺
Wishing you all a lovely weekend, kisses!

Friday, October 9, 2015


Good morning my lovelies! I skipped the first lecture at uni ,because yesterday I went on a concert, and guess what?! I came home late and this morning I was really for anything (that includes staying in bed and sleeping, haha)..but going to uni?Nope. So I decided to write a quick post and to make me a coffee, such a surprise,but coffee would help, like it always does.Now,back to the post. I find inspiration everywhere,cause that's how it works.That's how it is. Without a lot of philosophy, check my Friday inspiration photos.Enjoy your Friday, wishing you a well spent weekend guys! Kisses! :))

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Little things

Yesterday I was really busy.I have been at the Faculty and after than i went on a language course.So all day running , after spending all day in the city I felt exhausted ,and when I came home I was so tired that I fall asleep immediately. Even a non-stop massages on viber from my friends couldn't help it.This morning I decided to get up earlier,make a coffee and enjoy a little alone {that include reading a book or catching with new lessons from a course}. I realized that I better 'use' a day when I wake up  early and then I also have a more energy and willingness to do all the staff that I need/want.So this post is dedicated to little moments.Find time for them ,cause you r doing something good for yourself. Enjoy your Wednesday guys! While I'm going to have my coffee on the balcony  ..
Untill next time!:)

Monday, October 5, 2015

To be or not to be (Selfishness)

Guten Morgen ,guten morgen! This morning I woke up earlier than I usually do, so while drinking coffee I thought that writing a post could be a good idea. Beside that ,I' m also feeling fresh and motivated after super lazy weekend which I spent alone (During this weekend the idea was  that studying should be only in my mind, but I was in mood for anything but not studying.Some really 'important-life questions' were on my mind).So, after relaxing weekend ,I'm ready for some obligations and real life, haha.During this weekend, as I said I was alone in my apartment, cause my roommate was in her hometown.From time to time ,it's really nice and overwhelming when you can be alone with your thoughts, far away from everydays obligations or people. Maybe it sounds strange, but I think everyone of us need that, from time to time.This made me to think about waiting for things to happen and selfishness.Maybe you think what selfishness has to do with waiting, but trust me.. A lot.How many time you didn't succeed just because you didn't do your best, because you were thinking and hopping that your mother/bf/bae will help or finish something for you? If the answer is never, well be proud of yourself. I really had the problem with that for a long time, even now sometimes I 'm facing with that again.When you are a selfish person you don't love yourself and with that fact you can't love anyone else. You only see what you can get from people, or the way you can use them.But like in the all things in life,the key is YOU!! When you realize what you are doing and that you want to change, you r going to do that.The best way to get to know someone is through their actions, through the way they treat the other people.Selfish person is not a happy person, nor the person who love themselves,only negative feelings are attached to this kind of person.It's so much better not to be that person anymore, you see everything better, and it' s even funny to me sometimes how I used to think that I'm the most important person in the world and if things didn't happend in the way I expected it's the end of the world. During the puberty I have that phase called selfishness .I'm happy that I'm over it, cause that caused me a lot of sadness and hard times. Why all that negativity when you can be happy and positive, you were born to live, to struggle, to fight, to have your own battles and of course there's a lot of hard times  in life …but isn't it better to spend in positivity ?My opinion is that positivity is the way of life, that's something you choose. It's not always easy, just as everything else, you have to motivate yourself and to decide what you want. Work on yourself, cause you are all what you got. If you are successful in accomplishing your goals you are going to be happy! You are going to accomplish them by hard work and not by sitting in the chair and waiting for a miracle.  They say that Mondays are good to start things,well I think that everyday is chance for a new beginning.It always been and will always be about how bad you want it !
Don't be passive. Don't be a sheep. Learn to enjoy the little things.Until next time!
Kisses 😘