Saturday, November 29, 2014

This mood...LOVE❤

Some unfinished business..

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Paris,London,Rome.. ?

It all sounds nice but reality is that trips like this need a little bit more extra money then you probably have .. definitely when you have opportunity why not?But if u are a student like me it's not that easy..
Here are my suggestions :
1) Try exploring your city (There's always some coffee bar,park,shop and much more that you didn't notice!)
2)One day trip - with your friends (even to the closest town to ur home it'll be probably the day full of adventures and super interesting moments)
3) Start saving money (don't go everyday on coffee..okay maybe you don't need that bad that jumper? )Before you spend ..think!
You should start planing with your friends,it'll make everything easier for you.And remember after some time you will be proud of yourself ..and the new adventures can start!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

5 → Healthy snacks

After a big pause I decided to write more often then I used to.This post will be about food ..actually about snacks.When you are in the school/collage or on the job and you don't have time to prepare a real meal it's better for your health and your wallet to have something already in your bag.These are the snacks that I use too.Of course when you come at your place you will make up all.Leave the comment if u would like to see something similar on the blog!

1.Smoothie (you can prepare it at your home..and you can make it however you like,it's up to you..and if u would like to post a recipe of my favorite smoothie,just comment!) :)

2.Fruit salad (a mix of your fav fruits,this will give you a sugar and u r not going to crave for unhealthy snacks(snickers,mars and co. )

3. Here is a recipe for you (NO BAKE ENERGY BITES) :

4. Yogurt + Granola ( and you can add what you like)

5. This one is easy and believe me amazing it satisfie you..I didn't try all of this(but for now the first one is my fav )

And one tip for you guys →→→