Wednesday, June 1, 2016

M I D -W E E K

Heey, heey!
It's a middle of the week..I'm in my hometown and it's not sunny as it should be, it's more likely that it'll start raining. Shhh.shiii*!
 I ate my breakfast ( pancakes + apple, thank you sis!:) ) and decided to write before I start studying.
 1 st June, a month of the finals, "last chances" to lose kilos, plans fot the summer, summer jobs and of course adventures and for someone trips. I'm really interested how you are planing to spend ur summer? :)
New month,new day, come on and wake up! It's not late, start doing. I'm goin'   ------> 🍵🌺📝🍍

Saturday, May 21, 2016


Exactly! Straight to the point.
Hello guys!:) 21 st of May and it's Saturday. I'm still in my bed,wrapped in blanket with coffee in one hand and lap-top in another. Last days were crazy,buut i luuv it. Somehow very quickly without having time to notice things just changed. Well, it takes time for everythings so as for this too. The start point is our mind/way of thinking. I know that I changed ..I'm more honest to myself, I don't have time for people who are negative or are just trying to pull me,no..I'm more focused to actually do somethig,change and fight to achieve my goals. When it's about our plans, man be quiet that's the key. Work and let the success be your definitely something that I practic now.
People are likely to be "happy" or curious about your story/experience if it was negative. When it's something actually good for you, they reaction is more like ...oh,not so excited? If it's not happiness and if you can smell jealousnesss ..leave,you don't need that! There's nothing more beautiful for me that the human happiness for another human being without having any expectations or thoughts how to use it for yourself.  In the past,when I said someone about smth that was important to me, after their reaction instead of being in mood for celebration I usually felt is that possible?Well,well.. then they are starting talking how he/she can't do thaat ..hmm,maybe that could be their future plan? Honestly I hate that part, heeey man we are all different you have to find your way not just to copy NO-METTER-WHO just because they succeed.I totally forgot what was the point of this post..almost. Guys, don't let the others pulls you down or make you feeling like it's nothing. Go,work hard,be ambitious ,you are going to achieve it! The results will give you fuel to continue "the battle". H-A-K-U-N-A  M-A-T-A-T-A BEJBzZzZ ! Luuuv ya!
Lots of love❤

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Saturday vibes

Heeey guyzz! :)
It's 7th of May, the day is beautiful and it's Saturday. A good reason to go on a picnic/walk or for those who have opportunity to go to the countryside to enjoy the nature. What are your plans? I will try to spend the weekend in the best possible way. I appriciate even more my "free" time after all these exams and etc I'm going through. Btw, I passed all exams successfully, but there are many more to come. It seems to me right now like never ending story,haha..well,well I quess it's all going to pay off one day. Yesterday I went to the shopping mall to help my friend, tipical basic white girs night,haha.( It was raining so we coudn't go for a walk ) ..I bought some food and neccessities for the appartment. After that, I went home and watched a movie "Blue Is The Warmest Color" with my roomie. It's a french movie, which follows a story about a girl Adele, how she "grows",seeks herself ,loses herself and finds herself through love and loss. For today I have a lot of plans,from going to Nijagarini vodopadi ( Podgorica edition) to making a movie night with my romie in our appartment (we invited some of our friends from college )..
Enjoy your weekend guyzz!
....Tana-na-na..say hello to my new crush Jérémie Laheurte. Haha, lots of love bejbss ❤

Monday, May 2, 2016


It's Monday and on Mondays instead of mourning we do productive things! We are positive and we spend our time in the best possible way. Since these days it's all about studying( At least for me,haha :D ) I decided to write  hopefully helpful post for you. Also ,btw, I'm super crazy about highlighters in neon colours,little interesting paper notes,pencils and stationery at all. SOOO HERE ARE SOME OF MY TIPS:
-Maybe you are thinking right now -is shee crazy? But yeah,that's the way.You'll remember a lot of the things and also in the end of the process you'll be proud. (Usually our notes from classes are messy,we write fastly  and the product of that is not easy to read..even if you are the person that writes)
Another option is to type it on your lap-top and when you finished just copy it. (Use bold option just as some colors..who needs monotony?! )

Saturday, April 30, 2016


In the last few weeks I've been super busy with university + 2 courses I'm going to. Also, it means a lot of running from one town to another and then again coming back in my hometown. Oh,well this was my idea and choice and I'm going to finish it! Wohoo , sorry guys but this is the way I motivate myself sometimes. :D
Since tomorrow is the 1st May and in my country we celebrate it usually by traveling or camping, ofc there are a lot of other activities people do. In the last minute I canceled my plans for camping. The reason is that I have a lot of important exams in the same week, so it's better to focus on priorities. Regarding that I'm writing you to give you a lil update and to ask you how are you going to spend these days? Mine plan: studying + studying + studying and then again? Of course I'm going to catch up with some of my friends and chill ..cause it's all about balance. Wish you a well spent days ! Lot's of love and sun!

Monday, April 4, 2016

Gimme sun

Hello, hello!
Long time no see. I've been busy during the last period ( faculty,course,etc) and since I'm not sure that there is anyone who is interested to read this, I kinda , well, wasn't in the mood to write. However, here we are again. Spring has come and with it the sun ..also what motivated me more was a trip to Dubrovnik. Where I enjoyed walk with my dad, eating ice-cream at my fav "Gelateria", watching sunset while sitting on the bench near the sea,awww wonderful. It totally gived some new energy, exactly what I needed. This post is just a quick update, very soon I'll start to write again more often..'till next time!

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Facing reality

After period "It's the most beautiful time of the year..lalala" it's time to go back on the track.Real life and obligations that comes with it. Somehow we all [almost all] forget to think about calories and all the other stuff ..fastly we become enormously lazy..So after a long pause of "reality" ...
It is now important to focus,motivate yourself and to start doing! Job,studying,training, it's not important ..just start. Cause no one will do it for you, if you don't . Time flies, so don't be lazy..The thing you r doing today is going to pay off. Just be focused and ambitious. Well,well,now I feel relaxed after I shared what's on my mind. I  succesfuly finished 3 exams , more 3 to come.Wish me luck ..------> I'm going to study...