Friday, November 6, 2015


It's Friday. From Monday the madness of exams can start.Guess what I'm doing? Everything, but studying...I'm in my hometown, and it's really nice to see my family and to be with them. I spend these days really nice,I spend the most of my time with my bf and it consists our tradional dog walks.All of this would be okay, if I did what I had too.But the truth is,I didn't planned my time, I kinda tried to avoid my obligations, and  where I am?However, I'm totally sure that all this is not going to somehow be in my head before I sit and get my things together and start doing something about it.After writing this I feel somehow better,is it stupid?! My dad made me a breakfast (eggs,tuna,cheese, tost & coffee), aww there's really something about this and similar things that shows you that peoole aroud you care.Sometimes I think that I don't deserve all of this..I don't know what's going on with me, I guess some crazy period and it's not PMS.(haha)
Conclusion is when you study you get:
good grades /results (and knowledge of course)and naturally then you are
happy,confident and then everything is easier,you are ready to face new challenges.
 I decided what I want so I'm going to work on it! What about you?Do you have some special technics/motivational ideas that you can share? Please, feel free to comment !I would appreciate it. Wishing you plenty of time full of happiness and productivity!