Thursday, January 26, 2012

Fashion Trends - Summer/Spring 2012

So let's begin....

This spring forget about black,brown and grey, and prepare neon colours which were also popular last season.If you are too scared to combine more neon colours in one outfit, try to combine one neon colour with pastel.

This is definitely not the year when the trend is to fit into a mold. Get out of the frame and capture the attention - with the help of bold patterns clothes. Everything is allowed - photo and art deco prints, futuristic, mirrored prints, floral pattern, tribal ... Combine it with a completely simple pieces of clothing.

The rule of this trend not only continues, but will be even more popular. Want to start with something simple? Combine this look on  shoes or fashion accessories or pair it with bright colors in the color of clothing. As for the color combination - try complementary: blue and orange, yellow and purple or red and green.

Spring's sport jackets - like the ones we have seen in the collections of Tommy Hilfiger, and Jason Wu Eduna - are great! They are practical, sports are fazon that will be popular this spring, and yet can be very chic!

This will be by far the most popular color of the season. It was accepted by almost all the designers and their collections.

The following are two trends that are not readily express, but both definitely catches the eye-  pink jacket and shorts.

METALLIC FASHION ACCESSORIES AND CLOTHES From short skirts, tight jeans and t-shirts, short pants to shoes and handbags - all will get their shiny bronze, gold and silver versions. Not only that: the popular and other metallic colors - green, purple, red ...

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