Thursday, April 5, 2012

Hairstyle-Bun :)

When celebs need a quick way to complement their red-carpet ensembles, the smart girls go for the bun. Whether ballerina-sleek or strategically tousled, the bun is one of the easiest ways to add class to any look. Get inspired to pull your hair back by taking a look at our favorite star takes on this traditional style.

Casual :)

Great style!

Beauty! I love it ;)

Instantly Glam!

Double headbands turn a loose bun into a chic style! Just follow these easy steps to create a cute look to wear to school or a party!

Watch it and try at home if u like it ;)



  1. I like this post so much ! Nice hairstyles ! :)

  2. A mí me encanta!

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  5. LOVE braids! Jessica Alba's hair was flawless in the first picture! Would you like to follow each other? xoxo

  6. i like hairstyles i want to say that i can serme whole life to the hairstyles i can easily do this i like it.hairstyles are a primitive one and often linked with hairstyles the popular and demanding styles in 60s and 70s both in men and women. A parallel hairstyles approach is still followed for girls and women in modern hairstyles amazing hairstyle with a little untidy that confers a rock & roll look to your hair. This curly hairstyles. style has gone long hair styles through slight changes over the time. Unlikely to older styles.

  7. Love the hair ties, they come in such cute varieties! <3


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