Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Caviar manicure..

The inspiration behind the Caviar Manicure™ came about when Charlotte, Ciaté’s Creative Director, was looking to create 3-dimensional nails for a front cover magazine shoot and wanted to develop something feminine, indulgent yet delicately extravagant.
The finished effect gives nails an instant sophisticated look.
Very Ciaté!

Would you try it? :))


  1. Your nails are amazingly beautiful.
    How to do that? I would like to have a try. :)

  2. I love caviar manicure, first picture looks great <3

  3. The pictures look definitely interesting (especially the first one... I love pink!! :)), sooner or later I'll have to try it somehow! :)
    Have a nice Sunday!
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Thanks for your sweet comments! :)