Monday, September 14, 2015

Be the change you want to see

The biggest problem about changes in life and growing(as a person) is people's laziness and if you ask me one of the worst quality you can have is to be passive in life.Waiting things to happen,or waiting for someone else to finish something for you.. and not doing anything about it ...
    It's stupid, 'maybe' selfish..don't you think so?;) And in the end not good for you at all.
    Everything have the end so that way of living too.Don't wait        for help of your friend/classmate to help you about your homework for example and don't blame them if you don't finish your obligations on time, cause it's up to you!It was always easier to blame someone else, because of course it's always someone else fault not yours, huh? It takes courage but it's good for you, start thinking about that,to take things in your hands. Everything you do will affect your life, so think about that.Every work pays off, you just need to be stubborn, patient and organized to finish things on time. Daily routine is very important. If you have a goal, you want to achieve it? Of course that the answer is YES! So concentrate about that! Surround yourself with positive and people who love you and push you to do things, and you should do the same for them. Stop making excuses and start doing real things!I decided to start writing posts like this, cause i feel like I should. I myself love to read these kind of posts, so why not ?It could be helpful for someone ,if anyone read this ..haha.

However, if anyone had read this from the beginning to the end, thanks! I hope that you don't found it stupid, feel free to comment!Lot's of love and enjoy the Monday madness😂❤

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