Sunday, January 17, 2016

Facing reality

After period "It's the most beautiful time of the year..lalala" it's time to go back on the track.Real life and obligations that comes with it. Somehow we all [almost all] forget to think about calories and all the other stuff ..fastly we become enormously lazy..So after a long pause of "reality" ...
It is now important to focus,motivate yourself and to start doing! Job,studying,training, it's not important ..just start. Cause no one will do it for you, if you don't . Time flies, so don't be lazy..The thing you r doing today is going to pay off. Just be focused and ambitious. Well,well,now I feel relaxed after I shared what's on my mind. I  succesfuly finished 3 exams , more 3 to come.Wish me luck ..------> I'm going to study...

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