Saturday, May 7, 2016

Saturday vibes

Heeey guyzz! :)
It's 7th of May, the day is beautiful and it's Saturday. A good reason to go on a picnic/walk or for those who have opportunity to go to the countryside to enjoy the nature. What are your plans? I will try to spend the weekend in the best possible way. I appriciate even more my "free" time after all these exams and etc I'm going through. Btw, I passed all exams successfully, but there are many more to come. It seems to me right now like never ending story,haha..well,well I quess it's all going to pay off one day. Yesterday I went to the shopping mall to help my friend, tipical basic white girs night,haha.( It was raining so we coudn't go for a walk ) ..I bought some food and neccessities for the appartment. After that, I went home and watched a movie "Blue Is The Warmest Color" with my roomie. It's a french movie, which follows a story about a girl Adele, how she "grows",seeks herself ,loses herself and finds herself through love and loss. For today I have a lot of plans,from going to Nijagarini vodopadi ( Podgorica edition) to making a movie night with my romie in our appartment (we invited some of our friends from college )..
Enjoy your weekend guyzz!
....Tana-na-na..say hello to my new crush Jérémie Laheurte. Haha, lots of love bejbss ❤

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