Friday, February 3, 2012


1.If it's very cold, you should deffinetly try longer coat than ussual.Best are fitted ones which will further higlights your line, and also they keep you from cold.Don't forget to wear long coat with high heeled boots.

2.If you have a chronic lack of color, put red jacket or coat, which will be a great alternative to the usual black.This colour fits with all shades of face colour and certainly entertain gloomy days.This coat combine with neutral tones, but definitely stay away from the white. Unless you want to look like Santa's assistant.

3.If you need a scarf and a hat, find knitted pieces that will absolutely give you the texture of everything from leather jackets to feather waisted jackets.Hats and scarves ddon't combine with lond coats, because that way you'll look unattractive.

4.If you love to wear boots, do not forget that the fur skins are comfortable, relaxed classic, and with such a piece, you can pretend that you have just returned from skiing. However, fur boots do not do that with couples its short, narrow dress.

5.If you prefer to be warmly dressed from head to toe, choose a coat or jacket in a neutral gray color, or in strong primary colors. Lightweight and warm clothing will be your favorite on cold days. Do not be fooled by pieces of white or pastel colors. You are targeting a sophisticated look, one that does not scream: I do not care how I look until I was warm.

xoxo, L


  1. I love this post! Great inspiration! Following you on GFC and Bloglovin!

  2. Makes me want to break free! Beautiful inspiration selection!


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