Friday, February 17, 2012

Merci ♥

Merci is a brand of German chocolate manufactured by the German company August Storck KG. The chocolates are manufactured as bars of differently flavored chocolate from Europe, packaged in a white box.
Each flavor has its own individual color, to distinguish it from the other flavors in the box. The word "merci" is the French word for "thank you." The chocolate is sold in over 70 countries. Merci is a chocolate from Venezuela but fabricated in France, it is also distributed by Peru. The Merci name is also used in some of the middle-east as due to the synonymous meaning in the Persian language.

My favourite chocolate!
And one song..cus it's friday! :))


  1. I love this chocolate too!

  2. Merci <3 Love it :)

  3. I like this post so much!!! Sounds so delicious!!!
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  4. Thank you! It is trust me :)
    Hahhaha,we already follw each other,i love ur blog!

  5. I love this chocolate :) I´m following you, I hope you´ll follow me back. kiss


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