Sunday, November 16, 2014

Paris,London,Rome.. ?

It all sounds nice but reality is that trips like this need a little bit more extra money then you probably have .. definitely when you have opportunity why not?But if u are a student like me it's not that easy..
Here are my suggestions :
1) Try exploring your city (There's always some coffee bar,park,shop and much more that you didn't notice!)
2)One day trip - with your friends (even to the closest town to ur home it'll be probably the day full of adventures and super interesting moments)
3) Start saving money (don't go everyday on coffee..okay maybe you don't need that bad that jumper? )Before you spend ..think!
You should start planing with your friends,it'll make everything easier for you.And remember after some time you will be proud of yourself ..and the new adventures can start!

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  1. every town is fab, london so cool, paris so romantic and rome so funny


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