Monday, October 19, 2015

Mini food haul

I decided to write posts like this more often.I ,myself love to read this kind of posts and it sometimes inspires me ,so I thought why not?Maybe for some of you it can be helpful.Even if I have time to make something I usually gave up fastly because I'm doubting about the outcome.Healthy food is very important for all of us,cause you are what you eat.Sometimes it's really hard to be strict ,but I'm trying my best. Below the photo you can find names of the products,well I think you see it ,but just in case. Please feel free to comment and to give suggests!Enjoy your day ☺

1 .Yoghurt Balance
2 .Cashew Nuts
3 .Organic yoghurt Bello
4 .Calvo Tuna (California)
5 .Corn
6 .Ground Flaxseed
+ bananas & tangarines ( Of which I didn't make a photo) 

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