Tuesday, December 8, 2015


Already December, ohh Goshhh..
Yup,yup ..but since my last post was about exams I feel that I need to update you guys.
UPDATE : FIRST ROUND OF EXAMS - PASSED SUCCESSFULLY ( Even better than I could imagine) 
Now it's time for round number II (haha) .It's however not going to be funny for me for the rest of the month.
I always say that in life it's all about balance. So I decided to go on the 4 days trip by train to Belgrade-Novi Sad.Even if it's not that long,it means a lot to me,to go away for a couple of days and to relax a bit before exams and super exhausting period that is going to come.I'm going to be reunited with my very close friends, I'm going on the rock concert, to drink hot wine,explore,get lost,dance,eat good food,walk,laugh and have a lot of good time .Also to change the clime is very important from time to time.Sending you a lot of positive energy!

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