Saturday, December 19, 2015


Christmas is around the corner ..,Christmas markets,city lights,everything  decorated,coziness,mulled wine with cinnamon (of course :D ) ,crepes,family,friends,home,Christmas tree,movies..even the air is different.. LOL .. okayyy maybe i enjoy this time of the year too much..Butt,butt...BACK ON THE POST::::::
  Nice way to show someone that you care is definitely not defined by giving material things,but a small reminder of caring can be a nice surprise for someone.I love to surprise people I love sometimes with small gifts,so I already have bought something for my mum and sister,but still I didn't finish the Christmas shopping.Here are some of my suggestions,if you have some ideas too add..feel free and write in the comments below..
P.S. If you know exactly what that person needs/want , and you have possibility to buy it,why not:)
These below,are just a few products by my choice.You can browse over ASOS , Oysho and Women's Secret to find a lot more interesting ideas.
P.P.S. Obviously this isn't any payed marketing post, haha .

Lots of love and positive energy! xoXo

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